Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 3: Cones, again. More toys. Shears.

On just my third day, I successfully earned the distinction that was no doubt expected by anyone who has ever been in a kitchen with me, and not least of all by myself. I was the very first one in my whole class to achieve it! It was okay, not too deep, and the Band-Aids were close at hand. Chef did ask if I needed stitches but I'm sure my body has started producing hyperactive clotting agents out of a basic need for self-preservation. For those curious: I was slightly too vigorously drying my just-disassembled pair of (get this) extremely sharp kitchen shears.

Apart from that little spree, and of course more cornet production and chocolate practice (which went markedly better for me), it was Big Toy day. Chef actually instructed us to play around with the large equipment, my favorite piece of which is definitely the three-tiered deck oven, the lowest deck of which is near my thigh, the highest at eye level. Picture two fully assembled twin beds on top of one another, all resting on a three-foot high platform. Or a Subaru Forrester. One that bakes things. There were other footsoldiers of the machine infantry at the front of the pack though: the twenty-quart mixer, the induction burners, the dough proofer... it's a stainless steel wonderland in there.

A visitor came from the career placement department and posed the usual question of suchly employed individuals: What Do You Want To Do? While I won't admit to myself that I intend to be the star of the first baking-themed television program that doesn't suck, I somehow decided that admitting it to a dozen people - all of whom are one sliver of acquaintance above "familiar face" - was quite a simple undertaking. Voicing it, however, did aid me in at least considering it as a remote possibilty. It was amusing to introspect in light of the new information she gave us regarding the facets of the industry that actually exist, and employ people like us. She also spoke at length about volunteering and externships (a word that still makes me insane, and will continue to). The two of these events, incidentally, appear to be the same thing except for the fact that at one, they're happy to have you help in any way you can for whatever time you can give, and at the other, they're happy to use you in any way they can get away with any time you're there, which is "most of the."

We did not ingest any concentrated dairy products today, which was, of course, a great relief to everyone after yesterday's butter fiasco.

The homework is thirty minutes of chocolate writing per day until we reconvene next week. This will undoubtedly produce something thrilling about which to inform you, so I'll amend this post as necessary.

After I wash my hands.

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Anonymous said...

I am anxiously awaiting resuming my duties as Chief Taster and Kitchen Manager. Seeing as I only work 2 blocks away...You should definitely start bringing things for me to sample. Hope that your finger is okay...but you are right, I had no doubt that you would be the first to cut yourself!